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Monthly Archives: April 2016

    American Dream: The Changing Interests of Homebuyers Throughout the Decades

    By Admin | April 12, 2016

    Those immersed in housing trends likely know what makes today’s buyers tick: updated kitchens and bathrooms, ample closet space, low-maintenance features, in-home technology. But what excited potential homebuyers a decade ago is vastly different from what interests today’s generation of homeowners. This interactive infographic from Fielding Homes dishes out top design and technology trends. Read more… Read More

    Smart Home, Happy Pet: How Today’s Tech is Changing the Game for Pet Owners

    By Admin | April 8, 2016

    The smart home revolution has led to some mind-boggling advances to our daily routine. From brewing a world-class cup of coffee from your smart phone to streaming your favorite Spotify playlist through a lightbulb in the kitchen, it seems there’s no end to the daily life hacks now available to us. However, it’s not just humans that are benefiting... Read More